Yoanimate online service for 3D animators and Game Artists. Showcase your animated characters in a variety of backgrounds. Yoanimate announces the winners of the 3D Animation Contest! 1st winner for originality and complexity of 3d modelling and animation: Alexander Moschopoulos 2nd winner for creative collection of low poly models and animated cartoony […]

Yoanimate announces the winners of the 3D Animation Contest!

Are you a 3d modeller? Do you enjoy modelling but you don’t have time to deal with the rigging and skinning of your character? Yoanimate can release you from all the tedious process of Rigging and Skinning by offering a rig set up ready to animate. We provide Rigging, Skinning and Animation […]

Yoanimate Rigging Animation Services

Do you have a 3d character or a collection of characters that you want to animate? Are you tired of the Rigging and Skinning process? Do you want to see your characters animated? Yoanimate.com is here to facilitate you by handling the Rigging and Skinning process  at affordable prices. Send […]

yoanimate Rigging, Skinning and Animation services

Yoanimate enhanced Webgl Viewer offers the capacity to 3D animators to preview their 3D work online and share it with others. Check out yoanimate’s embedded interface with sliders that allows you to: -adjust animation speed -change scaling -shift backgrounds -modify hue and saturation -select preset lighting

yoanimate enhanced Webgl Viewer

​ yoanimate has developed an enhanced online 3d preview editor  with many engaging features including a material editor! Start uploading your fbx files now at yoanimate.com   Do you want to find out more? Watch the video tutorials for our 3dpreview editor and for the material editor. Our site offers an enhanced interactive 3dpreview editor  with many […]

Introducing yoanimate online service for 3D Animators and Game Artists

Introducing yoanimate.com a powerful website featuring an enhanced interactive online 3dpreview editor for 3D animators. Our site offers an enhanced interactive 3dpreview Editor  with many features such as: A variety of backgrounds and display scenes Adjustment of animation speed Scaling of your characters Hue and saturation of the background Adjustments to materials […]

yoanimate online service for 3D animators

Before you export your fbx file from the software you are using (3dsmax,maya,etc) check the following make sure that all your materials are standard All textures not to exceed 512×512 pixels (whether it is diffuse,bump,alpha or normal map) Each material with an opacity map needs to be unique so that […]

Material Tutorial/Set your materials before you export to fbx format